Caza de Poesía proudly announces the launch of our new anthology Revolutionary Poets Brigade bringing together 76 poets from 25 countries around the world speaking truth to power.

This collection featuring local, national and international poets includes selected works by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Jack Hirschman, Majid Naficy, Matt Sedillo, Agneta Falk, Luis J. Rodriguez, Alberto Masala, Diane di Prima, Judith Ayn Bernhard, Mark Lipman, Sarah Menefee, Antonieta Villamil… just to name a few.

Launch dates include:

Kaleidoscope FreeSpeechZone, S. Francisco–Nov. 7
The Beat Museum, San Francisco – Nov. 11, 7PM
The Reader’s Cafe, San Francisco – Nov. 18
The Talking Stick, Venice – Dec. 4, 6PM 
City Lights Bookstore, San Francisco, Dec. 14, 7PM

Come – Meet – Listen – Read – Join – Support
ORDER BOOKS! Get your order in today! Please, fill out the ORDER FORM, write a check or a post office money order to POETS AGAINST WAR COLLECTION by CAZA DE POESÍA. We send PREPAID mail orders. If you have any questions please call. Ask for a brochure to be sent by regular mail or print this.
Our address: 4342 Elenda Street, Culver City CA 90230
Voice: (323) 515 3713


Order your copy today! Multilingual/English 376 pages $15

– Le Monde Diplomatique 1
– Le Monde Diplomatique 2


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